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With more than 25 years creating egg-based products, we know in depth the needs of our customers. This experience has allowed us to provide innovative and efficient solutions to the fast growing food industry.


It all started when Vasco Masías, son of the founder of the first egg-producing company in Peru and the third largest farm in South America: “LA CALERA”, identified a great opportunity in the local market.

All the knowledge that he acquired over the years in the family business allowed him to detect an unsatisfied demand for raw materials derived from eggs. Therefore, as a result of the innovation processes, in 1997 Ovosur, the first egg products plant in Peru was created.

Throughout our more than 25 years of experience with a constant innovation approach, we have managed to understand the egg in its more than 25 functions, allowing us to provide each client with a tailor-made solution to their needs, consolidating our company as THE EXPERTS IN EGG PRODUCTS.

Milestones in our history

1997: We were able to commercialize the egg yolk as the first egg products in Peruvian territory, and with this creation we revolutionized the panettone market, supplying the main factories in the country.

2000: Together with ALICORP we develop the famous mayonnaise “Alacena”. This product that was achieved thanks to a joint venture where through our technology, we were able to provide the necessary egg products to achieve a top quality product, thus producing a resounding success in the Peruvian market.

2007: We put all our efforts together and we set our objectives as a company to fight malnutrition in our country. That is why through the national Qaliwarma program, we have been able to feed thousands of school-age children with our “TortiYa!” Product. A powdered egg omelette that, in addition to being easy to prepare, is easier to transport.

2010: After experiencing an exhaustive activity of constant improvement and standardization of all our processes, we managed to export our products to the demanding Asian market, complying with the strictest quality standards worldwide.

2011: We began to work on our international expansion, featuring up to date operations in the Chilean and Colombian markets.

Our focus


We offer security to all our clients through reliable and quality products. Products that meet the highest international standards and certifications, capable of being exported to countries such as Japan, Korea, Thailand, among others.


Our main concern is to listen to our clients to fully understand their needs. This has allowed us to work collaboratively in the development of solutions that let us provide you with the best egg product for your business. More than suppliers, we are strategic partners.


The constant processes improvement have allowed us to develop more than 70 egg product solutions, which are adapted to each need of our clients. That is why we want to continue working with you to adapt to your specific needs, always striving to provide you with functional and economical solutions through our products.